Thursday, 5 March 2009

This Cat has claws!

Wake up, Cat. It was morning, and I was still seething from the pirates that had destroyed my capsule in Rancer, even after I asked them nicely to cease fire. Pirates never listen. Now it was my solemn duty to defend that system against attacks on innocent travellers. I stretched my arms, rubbed my weary eyes, and pulled a thread of sticky gunk from the corner of one of them. I slipped into my brand new capsule, and prepared myself for a trip in my new Ibis. I set my destination - Rancer.

A sea of red. I got visuals back after completing a succesful jump into Rancer, and there must have been 15 pirates on the gate, ready to violence some poor innocent traveler no doubt. Well, not me, not this time. I was too smart for them and engaged my warp drive immediately, heading towards a random planet. I smiled to myself, my plan was all falling into place. I had to find an office here to conduct my business from, although several were out of my price range. I settled on a nice office in a Roden Shipyards facility, and I squealed with delight as I walked in for the first time - for they had already decorated my office to my liking. I had pink wallpaper, and twinkling fairy lights draped around the windows. The piste de résistance was a oversized recliner, with a tigerskin decor. Perfect.

Rancer Defence Force was born. The paperwork was completed, ISK changed hands, and I was now the proud CEO. I announced in the local communication system that Rancer Defence Force was recruiting, for the glorious purpose of defeating pirates, and making Rancer safe again. Well, most of the people that replied were pirates, and I had to tell them where to go. This is a no pirate organisation, buster. It looked like I was alone in my noble quest, for now at least. I knew than the same as I know now, and probably will always, that I can't do this alone. Friends, colleagues, and friendly strangers would all be important to my mission.

Send in the clones. Upgrading to a hardier clone was essential, especially doing the dangerous business of pirate-hunting, so I made sure mine was fully up to date and I also took the time to set my medical clone location to Rancer. I was here to stay, and I didn't want to waste time returning if I got pod killed by ruthless pirates again. Deciding that my first mission should be a reconaisance one, I stuck with the Ibis for this mission.

Undocking. I winced my eyes as the bold sun had caught me off guard - why do only Minmatar wear sunglasses? I could really use some, I thought to myself. Pointing my trusty Ibis (named "Join Rancer Defence Force") towards the Crielere gate, I braced myself. This was going to get rough. I emerged from the warp bubble into an expected swarm of pirates, and I quickly targetted the closest pirate to me. I engaged him. My heart pounded, his shield was already depleted before I had arrived, and now his armor was being eaten away. I couldn't put it all down to me, I think there was some hassle from the sentry guns. And yet he lived.

My shields and armor had been removed from my ship in one blow, and again I found my warp drive deactivated. I braced myself for the sweet silence after the storm, which took an earily long time to come around. My capsule was being missed by ammunition all around, but I could not warp. It took an age for my capsule to be destroyed, and once it was, I was instantly awakened in the station where my new office was. With the local communication channel still active, "GF" I said.

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