Sunday, 8 March 2009


Good morning, Cat. It had been another restless night in my bunk, tossing and turning, wondering and pondering over how to seek revenge on those merciless pirates. I rose from my makeshift bed in the Roden Shipyards facility in Rancer, and after a brief shower, I checked my communications log. Interesting, someone has applied to join the Rancer Defence Force. Great news!

The applicant was BettyTheGoat. A new pilot, but apparently one that had faced the wrath of evil pirates in this very system. Only a short while after I had made myself available on GalNet communication systems, my newest recruit arrived at the office. I welcomed Betty with open arms, we chatted about the pirates for a moment, and then decided to launch an attack. Betty was flying a Velator, a very classy ship. I was in my trusty Ibis, fitted with two gatling guns. This should be a good fight.

Ready. Betty and I met at a planet, aligned to the Crielere gate together, and once ready we both punched into warp. Betty called our primary target, who we happpened to land right on top of. Our guns smoked into space with the rounds being accurately pointed towards our unfortunate target, who it appeared had already been engaged in some piracy very recently, as the gate guns were hitting him hard. We were chewing through his armor, slowly, but surely. Then something terrible happened.

Going down! Betty reported that her ship was about to be destroyed, and I noticed on my overview that my demise was also to be imminent. The other pirates on the gate had decided to help their distressed colleague. We were both promptly podded, ending up back at our base in Rancer. We wondered what had gone wrong. We decided that it was an incident of bad timing, we would not have been able to defend our ships against that many pirates whatever ships we were flying. We would have to be smart next time.

Chores. I had to get some damned chores done around the station, such as applying glittery stickers that had arrived just today, to everything in my office. They looked so cute! After making my office look even more beautiful, I decided to turn off my comm-pad, and wandered the station looking for somewhere I could get a manicure. My clone doner had not taken care of themselves. Might need to stop of the gym later too.

Looking great. Feeling fine, and the world is mine. Betty was waiting for me when I signed back into my comm-pad, eager to progress up the corporate ladder. A fiesty one, for sure! She had requested that she be made recruitment director, and so I without haste assigned the role of personnel manager to her. She had apparently made a mistake in her request, and suggested that if I trusted her, to make her a director of Rancer Defence Force. It seemed like a reasonable request at the time.

WTF. I'm no longer director of Rancer Defence Force. BettyTheGoat was an infiltrator, revealed to be a spare clone of one of the very pirates in Rancer! I had been the victim of a corporate scam. Thankfully, I had the sense to empty the corporate wallet before assigning Betty any roles. Frankly, I was livid though. This was a sure case of misplaced trust, and it was certainly a lesson to be learned about the internal functions of running a corporation such as mine.
Some time passed. I thought to myself, wondering what to do. I would not let this destroy me, my ideals, or my plans. I went into the stations administrative offices, who informed me there was little I could do to reclaim Rancer Defence Force. In a rage with the poor admin clerk, I yelled at him to "make me a new corp, pronto!" to which he appeared a little uneasy, but he passed me some forms and said "Please just complete these in triplicate, Ms. o'Ninetails." I scribbled my details on the forms in a hurry, and now my new corporation was active. Rancer Defence League was born.