Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Back from Vacation

It's cold in space. I've been vacationing on a tropical planet near to my home of Rancer for the past couple of weeks, and decided to sever all ties to the stars while I was there. It was relaxing for sure, but has left me feeling somewhat empty. While I am rested, I am restless. What will scratch this itch?

I arrived at my office, which was just as lovely as I'd left it. A couple of potential applicants were waiting nervously outside as I went in, I only acknowledged them with a smile. I had business to attend to. The bills had racked up while I was away, these needed settling right away, for I did not want the station security services to evict me. I worked hard to get this office just so, with all the pink, and my precious glitter stickers.

After finishing what seemed like reams of paperwork, I went to turn my attention to the potential recruits that were eagerly waiting for me when I arrived. Unfortunately, I had gotten caught up playing with one of my goggle-eye stickers for longer than I had planned. They'd left. Thankfully, they'd left their applications on the chairs. I checked them over and decided to welcome them into the Rancer Defence League.

With all the paperwork and such chores completed, it was now my duty to patrol Rancer, for at least a little while. My subspace signal relay did report that there were pirates in this system, but didn't give me any more information than that. I first warped to the pirates favorite haunt, the Crielere gate. Not a thing was stirring. No wrecks, corpses, or pirates. Nothing. I smiled to myself, and thought "Wow, this is great, Cat! Rancer Defense League is really cleaning up this system." I was very pleased.

I used the scanner on my trusty Ibis to see if there were any new pirate bases that needed dismantling, but I could not find any. With not much going on, I decided to call it a very short day, and returned to my office to grab a strawberry milkshake. I don't even like strawberry milkshake, but I do like pink!

Apologies for the lack of ship explosions in this entry, I just need to get back on my feet. Expect more explosions soon!


  1. Look forward to more pretty explosions! Good to see you back and keeping Rancer clean and pink?

  2. *sigh* I really hoped for more explosions.